Motor Car Claim Requirements

  • Photocopy of Motor Car Insurance Policy
  • Photocopy of Driver's License of the involved driver and the latest official receipt of payment of license.
  • Photocopy of BLT registration certificate and its latest official receipt of registration of the vehicle.
  • Affidavit detailing the circumstances of the loss and/or accident including description of the insured's vehicle and the other party's vehicle, if any, and/or Police Investigation Report.
  • Pictures of the damaged vehicle/s showing its licensed plate and extent of loss and/or damage.
  • Repair estimate of the loss and/or damage from our accredited motor shops.
  • In case the accident is indisputably the fault of the insured's driver, the other party should submit all the documents mentioned above and a Certificate of No Claim from its insurance company.

  • Note: Philfire, and/or its accredited adjusters reserve the right to require other relevant documents, if necessary.