Ask Phil

Phil "You want to have good coverage but find it too expensive to get one."

How many of us have the same dilemma? How many of us are finding a hard time to look for car insurance coverage that wouldn't cost us a leg and arm in paying for the premiums? After all, finding the right kind of coverage that fits your budget can be quite a tricky task.

Learning how you can save money on auto insurance can help take away the sting of high-cost premiums. For many drivers, auto insurance can be confusing and time-consuming to decipher. But taking the time to tweak such areas as coverage and deductibles in addition to changing driving habits and choosing a safe car can save drivers a significant amount of money on their auto insurance premiums. Here are some tips on saving money on auto insurance.

Auto Insurance Money-Saving Ideas: Buying a New Car

Auto insurance companies generally provide certain discounts on the auto insurance policy for safety features in a new or used car. When shopping for a car, consider the following:

  • New cars less than 3 years old may receive a discount
  • Buy a car with low theft loss statistics.
  • Buy a car with safety features such as airbags, anti-theft measures, or anti-lock brakes
  • Cover the new car under the same auto insurance policy (auto insurance loyalty discount)